A Letter: Apologies and Demands

(Inspired by real events, and an actual email)


Dear Friend,

I am truly sorry if I have

Placed upon your fine shoulders

Such a weighty burden;

Such a burden which may

Bring more trouble to the both of us;

My words, ashamed,

I finally told,

But truth had no happiness, instead

Only a slap across the face;

Betrayal has a bitter taste,

And you,

You mixed in the potent potion too,

You mixed up,

Stepped, where probably should not;

My friendship holds out mighty hands,

Dangerous, especially because a lover

From amongst you

I’ve created;

Even before your time,

I loved, I lost, I loved again.


So Friend, I ask you not to hide

That which he said to you

The day before I realised

How stupid I had been again.

The End

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