(Consider An) Ultimatum

Consider an ultimatum;

Could it ever be a gift?
Is it fair to put such pressure

Into relationships of trust?

Should it be moved from person to person-

More like a curse, or even, flu.

‘Cause how could it be kind enough,

To give away such heartbreak?


Consider an ultimatum;

It’s not ‘yes’ and it’s not ‘no’;

It’s not a way of understanding,

Or some conversation piece;

It is in all the most seriousness,

And it can hurt, and it can break

Up love that once was whole,

Into some done patch of dirt.


Consider an ultimatum;

Call it superficial.

Look at outside lines,

And finite trust,

And to prove only the worst.

An ultimatum flows from tongues,

But bites as hard as teeth.


Consider an ultimatum;

Would you ever give that gift

Of spite and malice?

Because hardship won’t sweeten a kiss.

The End

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