My Lover Danced Upon The Hills...

My lover danced upon the hills,

And glades of open rye,

He danced a ceilidh to and fro,

Beneath the sun’s bright eye;

His dance continued throughout the day,

He pranced on in the night,

And when I looked into his eyes,

My heart beat fast in fright.


My lover was all but lost to us,

His heart sang for the dance,

I tried to pull away his hand,

But all he did was dance;

And when he tired of the jig,

He was not more than bones;

I waited long and cried for him,

But he would come home.


My lover did dance high in the hills,

And on glades of open rye,

He did dance a ceilidh to and fro,

But now he’s married to the sky.

The End

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