There’s quiet all around me,

It flies about my hair,

It fills in words I could have said,

And floats upon the air;

It trembles on the little note

A mouse might make in fear,

But when you think that it’s all gone,

It shows its face back here;

It’s in the prayer time of the school,

It finds its way to attics,

It coats them in a layer of dust,

And refuses systematics;

It has a way to calm the soul,

For peace it brings in hand,

But learning to embrace peace

Is to cross a foreign land;

But silence, quiet burns the mind,

It can drive the pain of sorrow,

You search, you find, you lie and all;

In silence you try not to wallow;

Your silence treasured always will be,

If you can find the way,

It is true; it is harmony,

Bring yourself to peace today.

The End

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