As Summer's Time Comes To An End

Tomatoes growing on the vine,

Small honeysuckle heads all shine,

Golden halos down on the field,

Entice the ever-growing yield.

Midday sun is high above,

Still coldest winds do give it love;

Pooling shadows onto the ground,

Midnight mice do make no sound.

There’s blossom in the cherry trees;

It floats to the road by the breeze,

The children run about in the street,

They give joy to everyone they meet.

The wildlife feels this joy too,

They’ll do it well, all that they do,

Barn owls sing, and deer prance forth,

Telling stories of the North.

The trees sway side by side in dance,

They lead them all, those summer plants.

Their heads glow with the new fire,

But our girl still has her mire.

She greets Autumn as a friend,

As Summer’s time comes to an end.

The End

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