Everything's Changing [2]

Everything’s changing-

I used to know you;

Your personality’s faded,

Faded into blue.

We’re moving on in ages,

You might be changing schools,

Curriculum Vitae,

Work experience soon.

I don’t feel that I’m changing;

I’ve always wanted this.

My life is marching on-

But I’m no closer to the cliff.

I’ve tried to make the jump,

But I’m scared that I’m scared stiff;

I’m scared I’ll be rejected,

I’m scared of the harsh failure.

You’ve changed all your hair so much,

You’ve changed your friends and style,

But why do I stay the same,

Each and every while?

I experience the piercing love-

It hurts, and changes all the time,

So I know I’m growing up,

Despite childish thoughts in my mind.

But everything changes-

I realise that now.

So I’ll be at the top,

But not the top of my game.

Everything changes-

I realise that now.

But I’m taking baby steps,

So how do I change it? How?

The End

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