My Heart, Your Lies

There are oceans of this longing pain,

Here in my soul, it bleeds,

And trust can never be the same,

But forever I will plead.


Perhaps the skies above are red,

And raw with misconceptions;

Perhaps the grass down here is dead,

From all the lies it feeds on.


Your eyes did sparkle as the sun,

But lies were jewels they held in.

You played the game, you fought, you won;

Your heart was mine, pretending.


Here, onwards, and for far too long,

I’ve been prey to your perfection.

Did all you wanted, did myself wrong-

But received none of you affection.


So stepping on the stepping stones,

I try my best to get away.

I’m sunk, I’m lost, my heart has swam,

It’s floating back to you today.

The End

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