The Raven and The Maiden

“Caw, caw,” said the raven with his malicious eye,

Which he be-fixed upon the cabin door,

He was watching a maiden who’d fallen from the sky,

Watched her hair as it trailed right to the floor.

“Who is she who dares to fall to the ground,

When, with her beauty, one of the stars she must be?

How can she destroy the pattern that is found,

When her presence is needed up there?” said he.

Well, the maiden, she smiled, a smile made of sun,

And brushed off her robes of sky blue.

“Well, I suppose now I’m here, I might well have some fun.”

To the raven, “Well, hello, to you too!”

And the dark bird, with a snort, chose to glare at the girl,

As her slippered feet walked to and fro,

She entered the cabin, and her dress gave a whirl;

After all, there was nowhere else to go.

The End

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