Compare, or compare not?

Well, how can it be?

I’ve sold my soul

To you, it seems.

I’ve given you much-

And not asked for return,

So how can I compare,

From everything that I’ve learnt?


I’d say that you’re smart,

Smarter than God himself,

But “blasphemy” you’d shout,

And jump to his defence.

I’d say that you’re brave,

No mountain lion could beat,

But you’d just respond:

“It’s ‘cause I’m quick on my feet.”

I’d say you’ve got beauty,

Worth more than mankind.

But you’d point out beauty,

Isn’t that hard to find.

And I’d say you’re true,

Because what more can I do?

But you’d laugh and show me

I don’t know you through.


So I say that you’re

Nice to me, more than any I’ve known.

And you respond that I’m worthy

To compare you to a stone?


“Because love isn’t beauty,

That much I’ve known;

Love isn’t just words formed,

To change a house into a home.”

The End

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