That BoyMature

He has over two hundred self inflicted vertical lines on his arm.
She has over two hundred insults swimming through her head.

He is searching for someone to even love him.
She is searching for someone who means it.

He is amongst the shadows, trying to find the light.
She is amongst the light, trying to find the shadows.

He wants to be more than what he is.
She wants to be normal.

 He whispers, "You always find flaws in my best try."
She whispers, "Love makes us hold on to stupid things, but who are we to know better?"

They are today.
They are truth.
They speak no lies.
They want answers to impossible questions.
They need someone to take a stand and get the guts to answer them.

All they want is a chance.
All they need is respect.

All they need is you. 

The End

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