Just Like ThatMature

I have a grin on my face.

A stupid, little kid with ice cream kind of grin.

You look over at me and laugh.

A silly, tickled by the tickle monster kind of laugh.

I smile wider. You laugh harder.

When I stop smiling, you stop laughing and take me into your arms.

I hug you right back.

A loving, I don't want to lose you kind if hug.

You let go and we fall back.

We fall onto a sheet of meadow grass and look up at the clouds.

I see a pig, you whisper in my ear.

I see a heart, I whisper right back.

You roll over and prop yourself up on your elbow.

I mirror you.

I stare into your eyes and wait for you to do something.

You whisper I love you. I echo you. 

The End

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