Silver WindowMature

I stare into the strange silver window.

All is see is someone. Someone foreign.

I move my hand to cover my eyes, and the girl in the window does too.

In the window, the girl turns to look behind her.

A man steps out of the shadows in the background.

He ebraces her and doesn't let go.

A silver, glistening tear runs down my cheek until I realize,

I am stronger than this.

I can dance in the rain and not melt.

I, alone, can stand up for something I believe in.

I raise my fist to shatter the window.

When the girl turns and waves goodbye to me,

I falter for a moment, but my fist keeps going.

My fist bashes into the window;

It sprinkles to its musical end around me, and somehow,

I feel lighter, as if I just let something useless go away.

I jolt to my senses and realize it was all a dream.

I roll over in my bed to see diamonds on the floor.

A picture of an elegant couple underneath. 

The End

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