How aggravating is it to have to deal,

With people who cannot even feel

Anything that you do-

Who do they think they are, to...

To talk of things they don't even know, 

To pretend that they are not a piece on show,

But I can see,

I can see their brutality.

And all I want is to crush them

As an emblem

To their very ignorance

Who are they, who do they think

I want to watch them sink

I want to see the pain in their eyes

I want to hear their cries

Begging me to return, to save their feeble selves

Even though they would easily have me delve

Into the cold, black sea in their place

Never have I seen such bastions to disgrace

And self-proclamation

Took my humanity by their re-animation

I was born dead

Given burning anger in life's stead

It blazes through me, almost a replacement

For my empty soul's displacement

My eyes are flames, windows to hell

And to avoid my wrath, you would do well

The End

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