I Hate MirrorsMature

The harsh bathroom light
Shines on the feminine lines
The toothpaste stained glass
Showing cruel exterior

The tapes still dripping
From when I threw water on my face
Trying to chase away
The soreness in my eyes

Gripping the cool sink in both hands
Knuckles turning white from the force
I look down at them to avoid the mirror
But even then it doesn't work

Every aspect of this body of mine
Nothing but physical lies
But you don't see that
You can't understand

I can shout and scream all I want
You'll never get it
And why would you?
How do I even begin to explain the distress

To someone whose never doubted
Something so fundamental
But I'm not just doubting
The tremours attacking my body

The tears I can no longer choke back
There's no hesitation in my mind
I know exactly what I am
Even if this disgusting body doesn't

Just six months
Then I'll see someone
Finally things can start changing
Until then I've little choice

But to wince when I catch
A single glimpse
Of a person who can never be me

The End

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