Ramble ThingMature

Having a bad day …

Got a hair cut – great.
Now what else can I do?
I'm stuck in limbo
Waiting for doctors
Hoping they'll prescribe me what I need

Ten push-ups a day
It's the simplest way
I didn't realise I was so weak
Some tasks seem impossible, y'know?

Like how will someone like me
Ever pass for a guy?
I'm taller than most I guess
But my hips and chest?
Pretty big give-aways

I'm trying to stay positive
Everything takes time
In a few years I'll be laughing at myself
Because I've jumped all the hurdles
And look like I should

But until then
It's a constant roller-coaster ride
One moment I'm fine
The next I feel like shit
Can't be any blunter

Being trans is kind of a bitch
But there's nothing I can do about it
Just got to keep trying
Ten more push-ups
Ignore the strain
In your stupid, spindly, girly arms.

The End

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