Little GirlMature

You want your little girl
But she never existed
You're asking me not to change
Do you even realise what you're asking?

You claim I'll be happy
Staying as I am
How the fuck can you know?
You're not me
I know who I am

I've lived these past 21 years miserable
With no reason or rhyme
I finally figured out
How to fix it all at last

Instead of making me feel guilty
Why not ask me my new name?
I get that this is hard for you
You think this choice was easy?

You really think I didn't know
Exactly what would happen
I prepared for screams and shouts
But all I see is tears

And of course you know all the right words
To make me feel like shit
To make me fight back tears and almost take it back
But I can't

You're asking me to be something I'm not
Asking me to live a way I cannot
I'm sorry mum and dad
I know this is hard for you
And I'm acting pretty damn selfish

But it's not about you
This is about me
And the person I need to be

That little girl is gone
But who I am remains
I just look like a guy instead

The End

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