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Romantic Prose (26/02/13)

Beneath the prose there's a history
In every story a mystery
Every small character quirk
A truth hidden in the murk

Judge the plot lines
The descriptions
Criticize the word choice
The way the dialogue flows

I can live with that
I won't attack right back
Tell me it's wrong
Examples of improvement

But don't tell me the characters too flawed
Or too perfect
Because every being is just an extension
Of who I was
Of who I want to be
Of the person that's still me

Tell me the emotion doesn't come across
Bash away at the hideous clichés
I want brutal honesty
Nothing more
Nothing less

But leave the characters alone
I try to make them human
But I'm sure I mess up
Writing these people
Its my own insane therapy thing

Writing about romance
Is simply because
It's all I ever dreamed about
From the moment I grew up

That day of rude awakening
Seeing not every guy was nice
I felt my beliefs crushed
Everyone had lied

They'd said they'd be this perfect guy
And yet all I'd found
Was a creep with issues
My imagination took wind

It showed me romance deep within
Unions that would never work
Fantasies of forbidden love

So yes
Sometimes the guy is too perfect
Sometimes the girl is too flawed
It's just my take on realism
In an imaginary world

The End

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