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Written Word (27/7/2013)

Written words empower my soul
Say things only my heart can know
They tell a story within a story
Of the girl who wouldn't give up

It speaks of a childhood hidden away
Locked in imaginations tight embrace
The words weave around each other
Creating patterns and rhymes

The characters hold a piece of her
A part she can't show as herself alone
They share her past experiences
Her fears and downfalls

They feel her anxieties and calm her raging thoughts
They whispers exotic tales and romance in her ears
They give her hope that someday
She'll find her rightful place

She gets lost in the words over and over
Reading, writing as much as she can
Hoping and preying that one day
She'll write words so powerful

They can move eyes to tears
Mend past heartbreaks
And show others they're not alone
But most of all

I hope my own wounds will heal
As I gets lost in the frantic whirl
Of the beautiful, poetic
Written word

The End

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