I look to the FutureMature

I look to the Future 14/07/13

I look to the sky
My eyes still burn
I look to the sea
And tears start to fall

I look at the trees
Blowing with the breeze
Wishing I could feel so free

I look at the dirt between my toes
And wonder why you had to go
How on earth you forgot

I look in the mirror
A normal face
But hidden beneath
Scars you can't trace

Once long ago I was yours
And I thought your love was true and pure
But time is a teacher and I've learned well

You were never going to be the one
And everyday I'm glad
For that final call that ended that chapter of my life

Because now when I look to my side
Someone better is standing there
He cares and he's there for me
Though darkness and through light

So if you ever wonder of me
I'd rather you not
I'm not interested in apologies
Or excuses paper thin

I've moved on with my life
And can face the emotions I felt
Can use them to twist words
Into beautiful, sad rhymes

But I'm no longer sad
I'm stronger than then
And I trust he'll never leave me
Because I love him
And unlike you
He loves me back

The End

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