Rambly poem thingMature

Black and white
It's all I can see
Somehow life has colour-blinded me

I either love
Or I hate

Feels like the world is crushing me
Day in
Day out
Without refrain

And I can't keep my head held high
When all I want to do is say goodbye
You can't expect perfection


I'm only human, only flawed
Though I work painstakingly everyday
To erase them from my ways

Me against the world
It's all I've ever known
Somewhere along the line
Bitterness took hold

I either care
Or I don't

Getting tired of the drain
Smilings become nothing more than a pain
I stretch my cheeks so tight
Praying no one will see between the lines

I build up
Then I fall down
I act tough
And cry alone

Is this the way life's meant to go?
Am I fool here
Sitting by myself
Stubbornness taking hold
Telling me I should just get on

So when do I get to stop?
When do I get to be the one
Who has a breakdown

Because I think the option of a choice
Is fast running out

The End

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