Pills, Doctor?Mature

Pills, Doctor?    (5.5.13)

All we got
A new prescription?
Yeah, that'll help a lot

Simple questions
How often are you sad?
How do I answer
Without sounding mad

Sadness is always there
Something I sometimes ignore
Other times I barely notice
How it haunts my thoughts

Or anti-anxieties?
Which kind are you planning
On shoving down my throat?

You think this'll help me?
Chemicals in my brain?
Maybe instead of drugs
You could help me find a job

Or better yet
Help me fix my issues
The ones that never go away
Oh wait
I have to pay

Funny, how do I pay
When I might not have a job?
Sorry doctor
Piss off please

I don't want your tablets
Don't need your pills
I just need this world's economy
To fix itself please

I've gotten by fine without your kind
The fact that I'm stuck in this dreadful lot
Is just life, right?

That's what I'm told
I've tried all my usual things
Puzzles, writing
Nothing ebbs away

Okay, maybe just the one
Perhaps the haze won't be so bad this time
Maybe there'll be no panic attacks
Or maybe I'm just selling my control

I mean let's face it
I haven't done a lot on my own

Just handled the crippling thing
For five long years
Just kept my head up
And told others I was fine
Just listened to your problems
As you cried on my shoulder
Just looked in the mirror
With determined eyes

You want to kill that will, doctor?
And the ill thoughts in my head, doctor?
Fine then
Hand the damn pills over, doctor.

The End

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