Together 17/3/13

No matter how bad it seems
And in spite of all my vicious dreams
You're standing here with me

It's been over a year
You haven't missed a tear
You know every single
Dreadful, dumb fear
You stay near

Even at the start
When I warned you it's not smart
You shrugged and chose to stay
Chasing darkness away

I guess one could say
We're exactly the same
But that doesn't matter
We destroy each other demons

I don't worry about tomorrow anymore
I don't watch the sky with hopeless eyes
I watch you instead
With your own broken ways

I reach out fearlessly
And together we fix each other
With bits of old thread and ripped shreds
With what advice we can give the other
With tender finger strokes on the cheek
And smiles that one can't cheat

To be honest dear
We're a f***ed up, crumbling mess
But guess what
I don't give a damn

You're my screwed up guy
And I'm your screwed up girl
Somehow the world becomes bearable
Knowing you're waiting outside my door

The End

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