Tears 29/11/12

When we're small
And helpless little bundles
Crying is expected
How else do we communicate?

As children their wiped away
The seeds are planted
Be strong
Just a cut knee
But it's not frowned on

Then somewhere between childhood and adulthood
Things went wrong
Crying became weak
Something we mustn't do
Regardless of the inner cost

So why is that the way of the world?
Who decided bleeding tears
Was a sign of failure
Was the end-all and be-all of a person's resolve

Because last I checked
Not crying does more damage
Holding it in
It's not healthy
We use other means
Ones far worse than wetness on cheeks

Surely in a world where crying is so frowned upon
Doing just that is in fact strong
Not caring what others think
And allowing yourself that small release
Is one of the most powerful things you can do

Because when you let yourself cry before others
They'll start to see the truth before their own shocked eyes
They'll be confused, maybe even mad 
But then you explain
And don't hold back

You'll learn
Being open is the best thing for it
Knowing people are aware
That when they ask
“Are you okay?”
They truly mean it

The difference it'll make
You won't need to cry anymore

The End

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