My StoriesMature

Will it all be nought?
When I type the last words?
Will I reach forty years
And have nothing to show?
Who knows

I started this dream
Because of depression
Hiding in other worlds
Was my true escape
Then suddenly I found
Putting the words down
Helped too

Maybe I'll finish this novel
And it'll go somewhere
Maybe It'll get rejected
And I'll have to start all over again
Life's too unpredictable

But I know one thing for sure
My imagination
Is all I had
When my insanity was
Reaching the edge

And I want to share
Those stories
With you
And if I don't make it
Doesn't mean I'll stop
Writing too entwined with who I am

Kinda had the whole “What's the point in trying” meltdown. Which I guess was due xD

The End

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