Ramble 23/5/2012

Am I doomed for not believing there’s a god?
Do I miss out on something
Because I doubt a higher power to be?
These are questions I've been asked before
Sometimes even asked by me
Truthfully no one knows
There's no evidence to say he is or isn't up there
It's all just theory's

So what's the point in arguing?
Over who is right and who is wrong?
You could argue every war was started by religion
But at the end of the day
It was us who took lives
We're the ones who twisted well-meaning words
And used it as the excuse

Some have said the bible was merely a story
But even so it's proved to be one of great inspiration
And at the end of the day
The morales its encouraging
Are the kind we want to see
So where's the point in fighting this?
Yes its strange of me to say

I am fully atheist
But even I can see
Religion is imperfect yes
But aren't all things so?
If they can hold back their tongues
Then why can't we?

Fair enough
If one gets in your face
And their the ones starting it
But generally just keep it in
Everyone has a right
To have their own faith
To believe what they believe
To not have it shunned by others
And to live in peace 

The End

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