Paranoia 18/5/2012

Sometimes when I pick up the phone
Knowing full well who's on the other end
I'll panic and worry
For those few seconds of silence
That it'll be his voice I hear
Knowing where I am
Knowing I'm home alone

Sometimes when I'm walking down the street
Under mid-day sun
I'll worry the male stranger is watching me
Not just mere glances
But thinking and planning

Whenever I take the train home instead of bus
When it's a dark winters night
I take the short cut through the graveyard
And every wind rustle through the trees
I'll panic somebody's following me

Whenever I sit on the bus
I don't sit near the stop buttons
Reaching a few metres doesn't bother me
But avoiding the desirable seats do
Ensuring I'll be left alone

Waiting in a lift
Crowded I'm usually fine
But me and some guy I don't know?
I'm stuck fighting
Not to hyperventilate

You must think me rather absurd
Made of my odd tweaks and paranoia
But the phone is not the only thing
Where I'll panic its him again
In the back of my mind its always there

The fear he'll return
To finish what he started
But I know the chances are so small
I'm aware this is neurotic of me
So that means this can't be insanity


The End

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