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Atheist (16/5/2012)

Who am I to condemn a belief?
Who am I to deny another’s words?
When they bring them such peace
Am I cold-hearted now?
As I read the words once again
I hold back the urge to rip and tear

But who am I to stare at your words
Your prayers
And try to resist the urge to compare
To explain as simply as I can
A dozen reasons
To play my hand
But I know that's cruel
Oh so wrong

So I hold back and blast a few songs
Why is it this is the case?
I hear someone believe
And want to scream
So much anger and confusion
Buried deep inside
My parents were the ones who gave me the target

They said believe
He's for real
They said talk to him
He'll help solve the problems
But nothing ever changed
Just got worse
And I've grown weary of yelling spiteful words
I don't believe in pushing thoughts
And I know no one I know does such a thing
But so many written pieces litter this site

I'll say they're good
Comment no further
Maybe drop a hint
Say I'm a non-believer
Sometimes I feel like I'm the wrong one
With all her lyrics calling god the bad guy
But its my own attempt to sort through this mess
Like I said
Easy target

I just hope that those words don't offend
That I don't cause people discomfort or worry
I'll never return to how I was
Flicking through the bible
And praying every night
This is me
Now and forever
An atheist

But please don't judge me 

The End

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