Secret day of the life once dreamed, an eternity.

Mind, the eternal sunshine, outlived heart's beat,

Emotions that have burrowed deeper than thought

Suffocate the unreal.

Seek the scarred vine calling, listen for the unhead word.


Oh, restlous soul, I am waiting for night,

The aches have not yet had their turn to rest,

Please lay down, and turn out that blinding light.

Allow darkness to cloud over, to quest.


Birth of day, birth of night, crosses minds,

Vitality, one of the great finds.

Death of day, Death of light.

Quickly, losing eyesight.

There are many days, many kinds.

Town Hall

The flushed youth were merrily clapping,

Song begun anew, squared arms grasping.

Oh, what cherry faces!

Hand in hand, off places.

Jolly dresses sway, undulating


The happy wooden boat creaks awake.

Master checks last, and he fails to take

Notice of stormy sky,

Waves crash, alone to die.

Save the man drowning in his own lake!

When the Fire Dies

The prick beyond body,


The thorn crushed between chambers,


The bottled screams.


When the fire dies out.

Life of a Leaf

Skeletal sculptures

Drifting by dawn, cast farewells

Watch the masquerade.

Swirling artists clasp

Hands, raining towards the earth.

Old friends say goodbye.

Bright masks are fading,

Creases and dark veins appear.

About their brown skin.

Frail with age, but full

A thoughtful breeze slightly blows,

Dirt, is a trail's end...

The End

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