Ticking time bomb

If you catch me perched, just at the windows pane

Don't be alarmed, if at first I don't explain

If your voice does not turn my head in you direction

Ignore my lack of time's perception

My stare will be unbroken, and my grip too tight

My eyes will pierce the skies of this evening light

Did you really think-did you even stop to make sure

That I wasn't frozen stiff, watching you and her

With fury  I stood there, and then it turned to calm

I suppose it was the curiosity

Perhaps a ticking time bomb

I know it makes no sense now, not that it ever did

The things we take for granted, things we rebid

It wouldn't of mattered though, your fate was always written

From the day you saw her symmetry, you were quickly smitten

My mind is set, and plans are in full swing

Keep your excuses, they will not change a thing

Exhaling deeply as I turn and to your pathetic stare

Placed the pistol to my temple, and you began your prayer

With panicked look upon your face, the tears began to fall

I suppose it was guilt you felt

I was about to end it all

To your dismay, laughter filled my throat

I guess it's impolite to gloat

But you had it coming for a while now

So lets fulfil the vow

I squeezed the trigger tight, aimed directly at your heart

Whispered softly, to death do us part

As you fell upon the wooden floor

I aimed into my own heart, and let the bullet soar

The End

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