Poem: The Darkness of Drink

The Darkness Of Drink

The empty bottle lay upon the floor.
Blood stained clothes before the door.
Another drink, another fight,
He was sinking fast to the bottom of his glass.
Trying to dull,
The pain, the memories,
Of darker days gone past.
No future that he could see.
Only death, a way to be free.

Through the glass.
I could see.
A body in bed.
So fragile and frail.
I could hear the beep, beep, beep of the machines.
The drip in his arm.
The nurses coming and going.
The doctors to and thru.
I felt I had to do something.
It was like cancer growing,
Eating at his mind.
Every day I was wondering what I would find.

My friend had lost all hope
And I had to save mine.
Remembering happy days sometimes had their ways,
Of bringing laughter and light,
To gloomy dark nights.
He is a friend in need.
I feel I have to protect.
That I have to help.
To free him from his torment.

©Heather McColgan

The End

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