poem that i made out of my headMature

just random love poem lol

Someone somewhere, dreams of your smile, and while thinking life is worth while, so when your lonely remember its true that someone somewhere is thinking of you


How can i miss you when your always on my mind, how can i not want you when your all i want inside, how can i let you go when i can't see us apart, how can i not love you now when you control my heart.


When night time comes, look into the sky, if you see a falling star don't wonder why, just make a wish, trust me it will come true because when i did i found you.


If dreams where dreams and dreams came true i wouldn't be here, i'd be with you, distance is the one thing keeping us apart but always and forever you'll be in my heart.


Flowers will die, the sun will set, but your someone special i'll never forget, your name is so precious it will never get old, engraved into my heart of letters of gold.


With all my heart i can now see, just how much you mean to me, my heart beats faster when you talk to me, but it's a shame that you just can't see just how much you actually mean to me.


I love your soft kisses, i love your soft touch. I love the way you bite your top lip, i love you sooooo much. I love the way you look at me, i love the way you smile. i love they way you're shy sometimes, every once in a while. I love it when you look att me, when im not looking at you. You think i do not realise it. but really ... i do. I love they way you cuddle, i love the way you sleep. I love they way you rub your neck, when your thinking so deep. I love all of you, your nose, your lips, your hair, your feet. I will never stop loving you, you are so amazingly sweet. I love that i love you, i have loved you from the very start. I love all of you, now i hand you the key to my heart.

The End

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