Poem of mine


If you truly care,
Come and just confess,
Because I just sit and ponder..
It causes me such distress..
I dream of your beautiful eyes,
Staring into mine,
I just think about the next time,
Our smiles will intertwine.
When I hold you in my arms,
I never want you to go,
Because when I'm holding on to you,
I'm not afraid to let my feelings show.
I'm not sure if you care;
I'm not sure if you agree,
But what I know for sure...
You bring out the best in me...
I don't know about your feelings,
They never seem to show,
I hold you in my arms,
And you let your smile glow.
I know you truely care,
I can see it in your smile,
I take these things so seriously,
Because you won't see me for while.
If you slip or fall,
I'll pull you on your feet,
Then the next time I see you,
Our eyes will truely meet..

The End

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