The Missing PieceMature

I've had my fair share of troubles,

In such a young life,

Stumbling through situations,

As quick as you like.

It seems like I've fallen,

From problem to another,

Relationships, hurt, rape,

Losing my own mother.

I used to feel like a skeleton,

Needing a body to live,

Never being myself,

Got nothing to give.

It's taken me 18 years,

And a lot of time,

To realise who I am,

My soul my own to find.

The rest fell in place,

In love with a perfect boy,

He brings out the best,

As well as so much joy.

You think it impossible,

To meet a guy this age,

And know he is your soulmate,

For our minds do engage.

Then came the happiness,

To finally move out,

Get away from the hate,

All the abuse and shouts.

I was ever so scared,

When I finally saw my room,

Knowing I was alone,

Reality did loom.

It really was not easy,

Cutting all my ties,

Letting go from everything,

Fake identities and lies.

Knowing I have him there,

Always be my side,

It makes me smile constantly,

Couldn't cry if I tried.

I've had my fair share of troubles,

In such a young life,

But now its all better,

No worries and no strife.

The End

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