Escape from the blackMature

When everything seems hopeless,

And then comes a friend,

You'd never think that new beginning,

Would also mean the end,

The end of all your morals,

Innocence too,

Everything you never wanted to see,

Now in front of you.

Drugs played the worst part,

Selling on the street,

Sniffing at nightime,

Falling over your feet.

Then it's the other crimes,

Mugging and doing wrong,

Waiting for people to come out of prison,

Just seems to take so long.

There was no trust,

In our little group,

Sending us backwards and forwards,

In an endless loop.

Life was getting dangerous,

My family had turned their back,

Everything seemed even worse,

It was time to hit the sack.

Then I met that special person,

No name required here,

They should know I'm referring to them,

For they I hold so dear.

He helped me out of the deepest hole,

Made me face my fears,

And now I can smile again,

Pushing through the tears.

I've cut all my ties,

With the people who are bad,

From now on I shall be happy,

They can live eternally sad.

Light has come from the depths,

Heading straight my way,

I have escaped the black,

Started a brand new day.

The End

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