Reading your PoemsMature

I sit here lonely as ever,

Browsing the wide web,

I remember all the times with you,

What was done and said.

I can't stop myself from looking,

At your Tumblr page,

I've done you over so wrong,

But that I have to face.

I know I've really hurt you,

And I wish I could turn back time,

To where we were so happy,

A different world, different life.

Now reality crashes,

And I start to shake,

Is this just a nightmare,

Will I ever wake?

I know reading your poems,

Doesn't help me cope,

But at the very least,

It gives me a glimmer of hope.

I really wish the best for you,

And your wounds to soon heal,

If I were in your shoes,

I don't know how I'd feel.

Regret is a strong word,

But appropriate somehow,

I don't want you back,

But I want you with me now.

Going out was too much hassle,

Relationships aren't my thing,

But how can I run away from this?

You make me wanna sing.

I shouldn't really dwell on it,

I might start to cry,

The realisation I lost you,

Makes me wanna die.

The End

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