An empty heartMature

I look back now and realise,

Just all the shit I've done,

I've messed you up so many times,

All work and no fun.

You know I really loved you,

And it hurts me to say,

That I really want you back,

And I really miss those days,

I shouldn't be asking,

Cause single suits me best,

But you really spiced my life up,

Put me to the test.

You were a breath of fresh air,

And I still want you by my side,

But just how to say it,

When all I can do is cry.

However I like to flirt still,

Even without you,

A reason why we had to break up,

Yet I still love you too.

But hurting you was not worth it,

You meant way too much,

I guess this is how life goes,

Just out rotten luck.

And as I sit here on my bed,

Trying to comprehend the start,

It's all over in one big bang,

Leaving me with my empty heart.

The End

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