Just test me!Mature

I go into the exam,

The room is unecessarily cold,

The students seem so young,

And the invigilators so old.

Stuck behind a tiny desk,

Looking at the clock,

Trying not to move a muscle,

Hoping time will stop.

Suddenly the paper comes,

With the typical crinkle sound,

They tell us to write our names on top,

Look at the instructions now.

We practically know them off by heart,

With all the exams we've done,

The exam can always fail you,

But it can never be won.

As it starts you shake inside,

You don't know what to do,

What's this word mean?

I have to know that too?

Time drags on and people scribble,

You sit there feeling faint,

Your eyes find a question you know,

The heavenly question saint!

Now it's nearing the end,

Scrawl a quick few lines,

They've come to collect the paper,

Which holds so much to our lives.

We exit feeling hard done by,

Now we just wait,

For the exam results come in a couple of months,

When the postman walks through the gate.

At least exams are finished for now,

Partying leads the way,

The coldness seeps out of our blood,

There's nothing more to say.

But why they can't just ask us,

Instead of making us want to flee,

By sitting us in strict conditions,

Come on just test me!

The End

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