A simple smile.Mature

I sometimes have those days,

Where life just doesn't look right,

Everything looks so bleak,

And there's a moment I lose sight.

The world is clouded over,

And hopeless is my name,

Every person a sinner,

Every situation the same.

The only thing stopping me,

From completely going down,

Is that smile on your face,

The contrast to my frown.

Your dimples look so sweet,

And the wrinkles at your eyes,

No one looks so pleasant,

Out of all the other guys.

At first it creeps up the skin,

And makes the room seem bright,

Darkness seems to fade away,

And in its place comes light.

Then as it seeps through the skin,

And enters my vein,

My mind starts to defog itself,

And I feel a little more sane.

And as it pumps through my body,

Warming me through and through,

The only thing I wish for most,

Is to share this happiness with you.

It starts to get stronger,

As it flows into my heart,

The sun appears so luminous,

And happiness is there for a start.

I could stare into your eyes forever,

Those chocolate pools of hope,

It's something to realise,

That with you I can cope.

For once the darkness goes,

Even if just for a while,

And it's all thanks to you,

And your simple smile.

The End

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