Oh there's something I despise,

Everyday in school,

Girls all want to kill them,

Yet the boys start to drool.

You can spot them from a mile off,

Their extremely "altered" skirts,

Legs spread far and wide,

And their breasts trying to pop from their shirts.

Yes slags is what I'm on about,

Those horrible dirty whores,

Who try to steal boys from everyone,

And do 'stuff' behind closed doors.

They have their queasy shit smiles,

And personalities so fake,

Their overly dyed straw hair,

Oh for goodness sake!!

If it was my choice,

I'd slap them all so hard,

They're hardly an asset anywhere,

Cause they're such utter tarts.

But boys go for these slags,

And dump them straight away,

Then its time for us decent girls,

All we need to do is wait.

The End

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