Moir MadnessMature

Oh how I hate school and the dreary lessons,

The teachers scolding and the work,

Wasting time learning absolutely nothing,

Chatting children and being bullied by jerks.

Yet school offers the greatest opportunity,

At the same time as being hell,

Oh yes school offers the greatest opportunity,

To see my best friends as well.

I wander in at 7.30 and sit on a wall,

Watching boys with basketballs play,

Time drags on and I start to drift,

When a friend walks my way.

At first someone like Connor,

Will rouse me from my dream,

We'd chat about something stupid,

Like girls or the football team.

Then bold as brass Tariq struts in,

As the conversation starts to fade,

Out he'll bring his cards,

And bullshit will be played.

Maybe next appears Frankie,

Her hair bouncing wild,

Her lesbian tendencies frequent,

My lover, my wife, my child.

As the bell threatens to ring,

Lois and Aaron in they come,

Lessons may be about to begin,

But with them its guaranteed fun.

Form period is an extreme bore,

Except I have Rajinda at hand,

He's my huggy Berbatov bear,

For comfort with him I stand.

A lesson next, god knows what,

They all seem the same to me,

But whether its Form 4 and 5,

I can count on spotting Emily.

In assembly I'll go searching,

For someone I adore,

Sandwiched between two friends,

They'll keep me from starting to snore.

Next lesson arrives and dreary from sleep,

I'll latch myself to a friend,

Yaman is my Form 4 buddy,

Tits and vodka til the end!

Breaks my saviour from depression,

To football I will go,

I'm usually shy to start playing,

So I'll have Rajinda or Yaman in tow.

After a bout of footie,

I start to feel a less sad,

If ICT is coming up next,

I'll need Zayan or I'll go mad!

There's others in that class,

Whose company I enjoy,

Dancing Amar, sarcastic Vinu,

Or Kushan the "go away" boy.

At lunch sports is on the agenda,

To the pitch I go again,

The only time I'll ever stop

Is if there's no ball or it starts to rain.

Final period comes too slow,

And I try not to sweat from the heat,

Someone like Smilie should amuse me,

As he can never stay in his seat.

Home times arrived and happiness spreads,

The school is smiles all round,

Bags packed, waiting for the gate,

The playground is a cacophany of sound.

However as I drive away,

From the road I'll see next day,

I regret leaving my friends,

And in school I wish I could stay.

The End

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