True FamilyMature

I have the best of friends,

Anyone would say,

For no matter what I do,

They always will stay.

Take for example my best friend,

He's more like a brother to me,

His name is Matthew Parker,

I love him to bits you see.

He's always there when I need him,

And we have the best of times,

However they may not be so good,

As most of them are crimes.

Then there's my girl called Shahana,

Again a sister to all,

She's clever and smart and all so good,

And wishes she was tall.

Next up comes Amy,

The creative little elf,

She's always about when you need her,

And puts others before herself.

Of course there's the wackier breed,

Fahad fits in here,

He may be considered a social outcast,

But to me he is so dear.

A friend I've had forever,

Samiya is her name,

You'd think she talks for England,

Her mouth cannot be tamed.

Next up comes Jason,

For him I cannot define,

My warmbuddylol forever,

And soulmate til the end of time.

Mariya and Marg the quiet pair,

For them it's only great,

The times we've shared have been marvellous,

Something to celebrate!

Of course there are the rockers,

Steven, Liam and co.,

They always make a good party,

And I do love them so.

Someone I can rely on,

His name is Matthew Keen,

He's always full of compliments,

Makes me feel like a queen.

Sophie my dear is a genius,

An artist already made,

Our friendships had its stumbles,

But never shall it fade.

There are sweet sharing mates,

Like Reece with sugar abuse,

We're total science buddies,

And make Gurgle with my Juice.

One of the greatest people,

Elliott my dear friend,

He's always helped me out,

On him I can depend.

There are many others,

Who I love just as much,

But I'm running out of rhyming,

Which totally sucks.

So now I must end,

And as you can see,

I have the greatest friends,

They are my family.

The End

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