A girlMature

All that's left are memories,

As he sits out on his porch,

The time he went swimming with dad,

In his cute Hawaiin shorts.

His mum used to tickle him,

And he'd shout as he played,

Everything was perfect,

If only he had stayed.

One day he met a girl,

And his world turned upside down,

His heart had been stolen,

Only smiles, no more frowns.

She begged him to come with her,

Run far far away,

So without looking back,

He left in the middle of May.

Now years had gone by,

From his parents not a word,

Only to return to his home town,

And nothing but silence heard.

He asked at the nearest shop,

To where his parents were,

They turned him to the vicar,

And his emotions did stir.

For there out in the graveyard,

Were his parents blank stones,

They had died crying,

And all that were left were bones.

He had destroyed them,

For selfish love he took,

He cursed the girl and his heart,

For being an obssessed crook.

That night he drank too much,

And took some pills too,

In the morning he was found,

Mouth open and tinted blue.

His story fills me with woe,

As he was part of my world,

I was a selfish person you see,

For I was that girl.

The End

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