The Bat and the Witch

This is a creative writing assignment that I had for school, it's actually a lot of fun. Try it!
The assignment is: Find a poem that you like. Use the last line of that poem as the first line of a new poem that you write.
If you decide to try it, be sure to tell what poem your first line is from :)

The first line of my poem is the last line of "The Witch of Willowby Wood".

“That is that! I have just made a bat!”

Cried the Witch as she started to twitch.

The poor mouse was now a bat.

The witch cackled, as any witch would

And the bat flew away as fast as he could


Where to go he did not know.

“Just get away,” he began to say

As he flew farther from the witches house

He saw a cave not far from here

And there he had nothing to fear

The End

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