I am different

I always was

First the nice,

the too nice,

then the evil,

the out of it,

the one who doesn’t experience

the same things you experience,

the one with passion,

passion for living,

the one with problems,

problems not worth sharing,

the one without the feeling

due to the immaturity,

the one who wanted to die.

I am different,

I always was,

the one who makes a big deal

out of a supposed nothing,

the one who spends all of her time

writing, dreaming, hurting,

the one who loves differently

in a not-so-different way,

the one who gets hurt

every single day,

the one who deep down,

fails at what she’s aiming for,

the one who is killed by

the expectations that are

not worth fighting for.

I am different

I always was

I never liked soda

I never liked sour candy

I never got straight A’s,

then why are you demanding?

Not the lazy one, 

but the one who tries

in everything that you don’t want.

I never had that feeling, 

I never want to,

but why do I feel so different?

Is being different a lost cause?

I’m different, it’s okay,

I’ll just try my hardest not to be scarred.

The End

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