I wish

I wish that my family did things together.

I wish I didn’t get hit.

I wish I had a life.

I wish writing didn’t make me so insane.

I wish I was good at photography.

I wish I had some kind of musical talent.

I wish I didn’t love you.

I wish I never dated you.

I wish I wasn’t in that group/cliche, because I’m so different from everyone.

I wish I knew what group/cliche I want to be in?

I wish there were no groups/cliches.

I wish I wasn’t so selfish.

I wish I wasn’t so vulnerable.

I wish I never made mistakes.

I wish I didn’t regret things - mostly embarrassing things.

I wish I was a boy at times - their life is so much easier.

I wish I didn’t get my period in the middle of the night and ruin my bed!

I wish you weren’t so judging.

I wish you didn’t hate me after all I did for you.

I wish I was Andheri the Emnadin - her life is so easy.

I wish I didn’t have so many health problems.

I wish there were no expectations on me.

I wish I didn’t wish for so many things!

I wish this wasn’t a poem, I hate poems, but I guess it is. 

The End

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