My Angel Is YouMature

My Angel is brave, strong, and protective.

My Angel rids the nightmares and brings dreams.

My Angel keeps me company when I'm lonely.

My Angel is you.

When times get rough, or tough My Angel keeps me happy.

He holds me when I cry or feel sad.

Even though My Angel can only hold with invisable arms.

I know My Angel is there beside me.

My Angel is you.

My Angel is mad.

Why are you mad?

Is it because I've abandoned You for friends?

My Angel I'm sorry.

I have caused you misery and pain. 

I have forgotten about you.

Do you think Ive have forgotten you?

I haven't My Angel.

Because deep inside my heart, there's a place where you are still there.

My Angel I love you.

But I have found happiness in all the years I've been sad. 

You gave me love, My Angel.

I have found Love of my own.

So don't think, My Angel, I will forget you.

My heart will love you forever and ever.

As for me...some day I'll remember to Love you again.

My Angel is you.

The End

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