The Crow's EyeMature

This is a collection of my best and favorite poems. A lot of people enjoy my poems so I hope you can too! A couple of them are sentimental to myself especially my last poem which is dedicated to a friend of mine who went to war and never returned. Please enjoy.

The black sky

Grey clouds rolling in

The Gods beginning to bowl in the Heavens

Gods taking pictures of the lovely Angels

The fog creeping in, misty through the forest

Low whispers in the soft winds

The trees reaching for lost wanderers

A rustle sounds in the bushes

A flutter of wings sounds

The world turns from colors to black and white

Like a leech sucking out blood,

But this blood is color

The small black head flicks back and forth,

Like fingers snapping, calling forth a child or dog

Wings ruffle,

Getting comfortable

The black talons sharp, getting ready to strike

A single squawk signal's the bird's presence

The storm begins in the blackened world

And the Eye signals death

The End

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