The first line suddenly popped into my head and it went from there. I've never been in love but I imagine it might feel somewhat like this.

You taste like the sea
Bitter, cool and caustic
But with a hint of numbing sweetness
In limpid colors and soft sand
Only toe deep now, but wondering
How far down it really goes

I like to watch the fish shimmer
Illusory, in your eyes
Frills and fins scoring delicate insides

Everyone notices the pretty fish
But no one sees abyssal beasts
Crushing demoniac tentacles around a heart
Whose rhythm was always

This surface dweller could never perceive
The deepest fathoms of you
Exploring would be fruitless
Dangerous, perhaps

But as I watch the light waves play across your skin
As your smile emerges like polished shells
All I want to do is

The End

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