This is a poem written way back in 2004, and lines about Tsunami were added latter. It tells us how the tragedy in ones life turns out to be a blessing to some others. And is substantiated with normal incidents in daily life, to national tragedies.




Someone's plight, the other man's delight,

Whoever said and when, I don't mind.

Though no proverb, can't take it light,

For it has been the same in all I remind.


Train or bus or car or cart it overturned,

Some lost their lives and some very serious.

‘What a pity!' the onlookers, they mourned.

Delighted the press, the scoop was delicious.


Deliberately the communal harmony they break;

Delighted the politicians, in muddy waters they could fish.

The sight of the affected any soft heart would break;

The plight so painful, they lost everything-even their dish.



The flight was dashed to World Trade Centre,

The plight of the nation one could imagine

Delight of the terrorists bloomed in hiding centre.

I cried, my friend died*, my grief you could imagine.


Ivan* roared over the land with floods and it dashed off.

Hearth and homes, the people lost-‘Oh, what a plight!'

Over and again the e-media, the news they flashed off,

Evans in homes clapped and roared-‘Ah, what a sight!'


Volcano erupted, from neighboring, the villagers fled,

In cars and carts with what they could collect.

The delighted rest, to the village all the roads then led;

In cars and carts to see the sight and then recollect.


Toll of Tsunami stole the life of millions.

Humanity mourned their tragic plight,

But mafias in action pocketed billions,

Exploited and celebrated; just for their delight.


The plight of the animal hunted is so pity,

The hunters delight is the triumph of the mighty.

For men and animals, the rule goes right-

Someone's plight, the other man's delight.



*   Valsamma Puliyilethu- a friend of mine.

** The hurricane which lashed American shores before Catherine. Evans represent ordinary men


The End

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