please understand - you are not a notched bedpost

let's see your skin,
show your scars, 
there is nothing shameful
in wearing your mistakes
in your flesh

this is past, 
this is present, 
but it shall not be
your future. 

wear long sleeves
if you have to 
but soon your fear
will just be tiring

and this world is not 
built for the underdogs
but we are still here, 
are we not?

so just try
to reach for the t-shirt
just one time 
you know you are justified

you should know that 
you are beautiful
you are amazing
you are brave

do not belittle yourself
for your weakness, your scars,
your pockmarked skin 
that is not smooth.

imperfections are human,
we are all merely what we have been
our memories are why we are ourselves
they shape who we are today

your origin story will not be flawless.
nobody's is, but try to give yourself some leeway.
try to tell yourself that you can 
wear whatever you want, need to

you are not any lesser
because of your scars -
stand straight 
and be brave. 

courage is all we've got. 
this is your only body. 
do your best to settle in. 
i hope you learn to love it. 

The End

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